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Turbocharger Design System package provides users with the ability to lay out and analyze a turbocharger design that is optimally matched to the specific engine system.

In the ‘Design’ mode of the system, the user can size the compressor and turbine to the required pressure ratios and automatically match the power and rotational speed of the two. Design mode provides the starting point for the geometry using built-in time-tested design rules.

The second mode of operation, ‘Analysis’ mode, allows the user to manipulate the overall geometric characteristics of the compressor and/or turbine and examine the performance of the overall system as it interacts with the compressor and turbine maps.

Compressor and Turbine Design

TurboMatch links dynamically to COMPAL® and RITAL, and allows the user to do the preliminary design of a new compressor and turbine, generate performance maps, and study the matching of the components interactively. Alternatively, TurboMatch will read in SAE maps of existing components, allowing the user to extrapolate incomplete maps using established physical models, and then edit the maps directly.

Engine Operating Line

Run a complete engine operating line and plot the results on the compressor and turbine maps.

Turbocharging Systems

TurboMatch handles turbines with waste gates, variable geometry turbines, intercoolers, and high-and low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems.

TurboMatch Benefits

  • Select a turbocharger to match a given engine

  • Design a new turbocharger with assurance of engine matching at every stage of the design

  • Readily change compressor and turbine sizes and predict the effect on the match

  • Rapidly make a preliminary optimization of the turbocharging system

  • Study the effect of waste gates, variable geometry, EGR, and component losses on the match and performance

  • Easy to use; does not require a large setup time or detailed input of the system